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It is well know that anonymous visitors to a WSS 3 site cannot easily participate in lists and more critically cannot start workflows. There needs to be a login event for the user and the user must be allowed access to the list to start a workflow. There is a clear and present need to have a simple solution right now, especially for Internet-facing SharePoint sites (clubs, organizations, etc). In this regard, my project is related to the CKS:IEE project:

I’m barely a proficient VB programmer, so my solution to this may be clunky. My solution works, but could probably benefit form more experienced minds: This is why I have opened a CodePlex project!

UPDATE: Reza Alirezaei (MVP) has extended my idea as a WSS solution. Basically, the automatic guest login is enabled only if the solution is turned on!
His code download is here: With this form of the solution, the FBA:IEE guys could easily apply this option....

Thanks for visiting!

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